How To Stop The Bleeding From Gums – Naturally And Safely!

The fact that white and shiny teeth smile is the easiest way to impress anyone is undeniable. Nevertheless, if you face the problem of bleeding gums, you will face interruptions in your obvious white smile.

Most of us are working hard to keep our dental health in check, as well as brushing and floss twice a day. And it can be frustrating for those of us who put the time into our oral health to see some blood still in the sink. It seems we’re doing everything right, so why is this happening?

Bleeding gums is one of the common problems nowadays faced by most people. The best thing you can do is to see your dentist on a regular basis for early detection of the causes and symptoms of this issue. Other than this, there are some home remedies that you can seek.

Causes Of Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are the first indication of gum disease and should therefore never be ignored. The causes of bleeding gums in adults can vary from different lifestyles to different eating habits.

Between brushing and flossing, one reason you may see blood in the sink is because you’re dealing with gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease. Leaving bacteria and food particles on teeth surfaces causes gum inflammation, and this is what causes bleeding.

Common causes for bleeding gums:

  • Deficiencies of vitamins C and K
  • Wearing denture can cause bleeding gums
  • Plaque formation
  • Bad oral health and hygiene
  • Gum infections
  • Other medical problems

You can also take some of these preventive measures to minimize the effect of the problem before beginning with the home remedies that can be used during the problem of bleeding gums. Half of the problem with bleeding gums can be taken care of if you are aware of how to avoid bleeding gums naturally.

Make sure to properly brush your teeth, use soft toothbrush, quit smoking and floss regularly for avoiding the formation of plaque.

Home Remedies

1. Coconut Oil

This is one of the most effective and easiest remedies to be tried for bleeding gum. This home remedy for bleeding gum is also cheap and can therefore be tried as and when necessary.

The coconut oil’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties serve as the natural healing properties necessary for the bleeding gums. Use 1 tablespoon of coconut oil for about 10-15 minutes and swish it in your mouth over the gums. Repeat on a daily basis.

2. Tea Tree Oil

Apply on your gums about 1-2 drops of tea tree oil and massage your gums for a while. Then leave the oil for 5-10 minutes on your gums and wash your mouth with regular water.

Tea tree oil’s antiseptic and antimicrobial properties help bring the necessary relief which causes bleeding in the infected gums. Repeat on daily basis for 2-times and experience some significant results in bleeding gums problem.

3. Clove Oil

In addition to the anti-bacterial properties of clove oil, the anti-inflammatory properties tend to be extremely beneficial to the issue of bleeding gums. The best thing is that you can apply clove oil directly to your gums, and in no time it can produce the expected results.

Take a few drops of clove oil and warm it up a little bit. Then add this warm clove oil for 2 times a day on your gums. Keep it on the gums for about 5-10 minutes and clean it with lukewarm water.

4. Saltwater

Using saltwater frequently also serves as one of the best home remedies for bleeding gums. Salt has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that are helpful in reducing gum swelling and inflammation and therefore prevents the issue of bleeding gum.

Mix some warm water with some salt, then clean your mouth with this saline solution. To get the best results, keep doing the same for about 2-3 times a day.

5. Honey

If you’re looking for ways to avoid bleeding gums, you can take advantage of honey to do so. Honey is known to have antibacterial properties and therefore proves to be quite effective in controlling the different infections of the gum. In addition to this, honey’s anti-inflammatory properties also decrease gum swelling and inflammation. Just take some honey and gently massage on the affected gums with your fingertips. Repeat 2-3 times a day.


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