Coffee For Headaches? Is Coffee Good Or Bad For You?

Would coffee drinking help you with headaches? Is it really providing relief? Coffee is a popular drink made from the seeds of coffee berries. Coffea is the name of the genus to which it belongs and which is native to Africa. It is known to be the bitter and slightly acidic taste of caffeine content in coffee. It can also stimulate people throughout the day, keeping them energized and engaged.

However, for some people, this same content of caffeine was responsible for causing headaches and for some, headache relief.

One of the main reasons people complain about headache from coffee is that coffee has the ability to make you urinate more, leading to the body being dehydrated. Headache is the natural response when the body is suffering from dehydration.

Depending on how much you drink, the effect of caffeine on the brain can vary significantly. Coffee is an ideal cure for the occasional headache. However, when the brain understands the person’s daily consumption, it perceives it as a kind of drug and stops giving you relief from even those occasional headaches. Therefore, the brain develops tolerance for this drug(coffee).

Coffee can really help with migraine. But how often this approach can be successful is what you need to understand. Overuse of coffeine is also a major reason for headaches. In their research, the American Journal of Medicine found that to some degree the regular changes in coffee intake could actually trigger migraine.

Caffeine Withdrawal

While coffee can relieve headaches, some benefits are also associated with the reduction of caffeine. We’ve got a couple of suggestions here. Let’s take a look at them.

Overcoming Addiction. You tend to drink more of it once you realize that your brain can sometimes relieve the headache with coffee. When you do this, your brain understands that being a kind of drug will eventually begin to become immune to the effect of relief. So it becomes essential to overcome this not only for your headache, but also for your sleep.

Lower Blood Pressure. Once you start drinking and become addicted to coffee, the heart tends to work harder. This significantly decreases, and low blood pressure also develops in the body.

Good Sleep And Mood. Your body gets worked up if you notice, and you may not be able to sleep. This can immensely irritate you. Caffeine is the guilty party. Quitting coffee can change your sleep effectively and put you in a better mood.

Fewer Headaches. Because caffeine is the main trigger for your headache, you can see how it can be very important for you to quit drinking it.

Healthy Teeth. You will notice that there will be a lot of stains on your teeth, especially the lower incisors, both on the front and especially on the back of the teeth. They will begin to erode the enamel of the teeth slowly and may lead to decay of the tooth.

Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms

When you’re talking about the benefits of quitting caffeine, there are a few negative things that happen to you when you decide to quit.

Headache. Headache is the most common symptom. The pain starts from behind the ears and travels to the head’s front.

Lethargy. You’re going to be extremely sick of doing anything. Your dopamine levels will drop, leaving you with less energy for anything.

Sleeplessness. At late hours, you’ll catch yourself awake. This is a very normal and common symptom that many people experience.

Constipation. Since caffeine will stimulate your bowel movements, it also becomes a concern when you avoid caffeine.

Depression. Depression is an offshoot of quitting caffeine, the other most common issue. Other problems are irritability and stress.

Brain Fog. This can be dangerous, and you can be weirded out. Many people tend to experience the difficulty of having a clear outlook and thoughts as well. If this happens for a longer period of time, it’s time to consult the doctor.

Lack Of Concentration. You’ll see how your level of concentration fluctuates during this stage and you won’t be able to focus on any single thing.

Anxiety. Pay close attention to anxiety. The symptom of withdrawal may be depression, combined with changes in mood. The consumption of coffeine is seldom the sole cause of headache. The relief of coffee headache is for the few; it doesn’t do any good for the others. Therefore, be vigilant about the amount of consumption of coffee per day. Any changes in this may affect your stress levels significantly, resulting in headaches.


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