Tips And Exercises On How To Lose That Double Chin!

Do you have trouble loosing the double chin? Okay, don’t worry, here’s some good tips for losing your double chin in no time. A double chin is a common condition that occurs frequently when a fat layer is developed just below your chin. Very frequently, a double chin is associated with weight gain, but even those who are not overweight may have one.

It is a typical facial cosmetic disorder that can distract from another wise balanced and harmonious appearance of the face – resulting in an older and heavier look. Thankfully, toning of the neck and chin without surgery can be achieved, and we have some tips for you.


CHEW GUM. The facial muscles should be strengthened and toned by chewing a gum, preferably free of sugar. Chewing gums often keep the gums and teeth healthy and strong, so it’s a win – win.

INCREASE VITAMIN E INTAKE. One thing you should do is increase your intake of Vitamin E. Vitamin E can be vital to maintaining your skin’s health and preventing it from shrinking as well. In green leafy vegetables, legumes, milk products, nuts, beans and seeds, vitamin E can be found On a daily basis, you can also drink green tea. Taking a daily dose of vitamin E will help you get rid of this double chin quickly.

COCOA BUTTER MASSAGE. With the help of cocoa butter, your skin’s elasticity can be improved. Bioactive components of cocoa components have pharmacological effects in reducing inflammatory processes, according to studies.

All you need to do is heat a tablespoon of Cocoa Butter and massage your chin and neck for 10 minutes. Circular massage, as well as clockwise and anti-clockwise massage. You can do this on regular basis. You can do it before you take a bath or before you go to bed in the night. And your double chin is going to tighten up within 10 days.

EGG-WHITES FACE MASK. We have something else for you if you don’t like cocoa butter. You can make a face mask using egg whites. Double chin can be easily reduced by egg whites. Masks made of white eggs, lime, milk and honey will relax the muscles of your skin.

Separate the white egg from three eggs. Mix the egg whites with the milk, honey and lemon juice in a tablespoon. The chin and neck area should be massaged for 5 to 10 minutes and the mixture left to dry. Rinse your chin with lukewarm water after an hour.

WHEAT GERM OIL MASSAGE. Massaging the neck and chin with wheat germ oil is a very effective way of reducing chin and neck fat. Wheat germ oil is rich in vitamin E which helps to effectively nourish and strengthen the skin

Until going to bed. in an upward motion from your chest to your double chin, you must apply the wheat germ oil and keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat for 10 days and expect incredible results.


1. Straight Jaw Jut

Tilt your head back to the ceiling and look up. Move the lower jaw forward until under your chin you feel a stretch. Keep the jaw 10 seconds in that spot. Relax your jaw and take your head back to the natural position.

2. Ball Exercise

Place a ball of 10 inches just below your chin. Strongly press your head against the ball. Do it twenty-five times a day, three times a day.

3. Pucker Up

Look at the ceiling and tilt your head back. Pucker the lips as if the ceiling was kissing you. You extend the space under your chin it that way. Stop puckering and return the head to its normal position. Do this ten to fifteen times, three times a day.

4. Tongue Stretch

Look straight ahead and stick out your tongue as much as you can. Lift your tongue up to your nose. Keep down and release for 15 seconds. Repeat 15 times.

5. Neck Stretch

Tilt your head and gaze up to the ceiling. Press your tongue to your mouth’s rim. Hold and release for ten seconds. Repeat 10 times.

6. Bottom Jaw Jut

Tilt your head back to the ceiling and look up. Turn the head to the right. Slide forward your lower jaw. Keep and release for 5-10 seconds. Repeat the process by turning your head to the left.


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