How does cocoa affect your body? AND Powerful Natural Remedy Discovered!

How does cocoa affect your body?

Natural remedy – cocoa increases resistance to harmful ultraviolet radiation, stimulates the brain to produce endorphins, keeps the cardiovascular system.

Cocoa is mainly consumed because of the stinging smell and taste, but most of us do not think about his other, real values. The growing number of researchers who focus on this exotic fruit reveal other useful values. Thanks to the abundance of the various ingredients, it has been shown to be effective on multiple “fields”.

Flavonols, subgroups of flavonoids, are particularly interesting for modern medicine. Studies have shown that high-flavonoid cocoa drinkers significantly reduced blood pressure and improved blood vessel function by 47 per cent. Professor Carl Kin of Davis University in California, a member of the international research team, stressed that all side effects are excluded.

At the same time, flavonols as antioxidants have the ability to neutralize the activity of free radicals, whose production during the metabolic processes in the body damages various cellular cells, including the DNA, leading to aging and the formation of various degenerative diseases.

Researchers say it is extremely effective in preserving healthy skin. Regular cocoa consumption increases skin resistance to harmful ultraviolet radiation, delaying the appearance of irritation and redness, wrinkles and pigmentation. Microcirculation is also stimulated, which provides better supply of nutrients and oxygen and increases the density of the dermat – the middle layer of the skin that gives elasticity and tension. Hydration increases and prevents water loss.

In a three-month study, Dutch and German scientists have proven that the skin of women who drank hot cocoa daily became tender, hydrated and less sensitive to the activity of the sun. They proven what the Aesthetians long ago knew. Cocoa stimulates the brain to produce endorphins, which leads to relaxation, elimination of stress and pain. It stimulates the secretion of dopamine and serotonin, which increases the level of mood, which complements people who are prone to depression with a huge amount of chocolate. In any case, cocoa is a source of mental health and good mood, and unlike synthetic drugs, there are no side effects.

Nor did the British remain immune to the challenge of checking the health effectiveness of cocoa. They found that daily intake of cocoa cups prevents blood clots, that is, the clot, which, if they reach the heart or brain, can cause a heart attack or stroke. It has also been proven that daily consumption of 22 grams of cocoa powder significantly reduces the deposition of bad cholesterol on the walls of the blood vessels. Therefore, cocoa powder should be consumed without the care of the conscience.

Polyphenols are another type of cocoa-containing ingredients that play an important role in protecting health because they protect the cardiovascular system as antioxidants and affect the reduction of high blood pressure. In order to preserve polyphenols in chocolate, some producers choose quality cocoa beans.

In the course of production, the fermentation time is shortened in order to reduce the loss of polyphenols. It is therefore important to check the declaration of what chocolate you eat. As a rule, a barrel of thirty grams of chocolate should have 300 milligrams of polyphenols. Although this ingredient is present in fruits, vegetables, tea and wine, experts say that cocoa is the most powerful one. Therefore, do not hesitate.

Wish for chocolate
More than 40 percent of women feel the need for chocolate every day, because after ovulation the serotonin level decreases, resulting in variable mood and irritability. When consuming chocolate, endorphins are released, which act not only relaxing, but also contribute to youthful appearance.


Cocoa contains stimulant theobromine, alkaloid, which belongs to the family of caffeine. It is important because it stimulates the central nervous system and heart, spreads blood vessels and is a diuretic. It is extracted from the cocoa shells, and the core, after fermentation and frying of cocoa, produces butter and cocoa powder.

The Most Powerful Natural Remedy Discovered!

The recipe of Russian scientist Professor Christ Murmersk, many represent it as a revolutionary remedy, with which thousands of people have been cured .
“It is a food for the treatment of the complete organism,  in such an organism withdraws itself,” Professor Mermersky said in his lecture.

The secret is that this mixture cleanses the blood vessels, heals the heart, restores immunity, cleanses the kidneys and liver. It improves brain work and memory, keeps it from infarct and leads to the cure of those who have suffered a stroke or a stroke.

Ingredients. 15 fresh healthy BIO lemons, 12 heads fresh white garlic, 1 kg home-made honey, 400 grams of grain and 400 grams of fresh nut.
Preparation: Put 400 grams of grain in a glass bowl. Sprinkle with water to stay cool, preferably overnight. After 10 – 12 hours, clean the water with pure gas and mix the grains well, and then reattach them through the gas.

In the dish, let the wheat stand for 24 hours.

Shake the wheat together with the walnut and the garlic with garlic. Mix well with five layers of tin. Mix until the mixture becomes homogeneous.
Add honey and mix with a wooden spoon and rinse it in a glass bowl. Leave to stand for three days, then start to consume it.
This food is taken 30 minutes before breakfast, before dinner and before bedtime.


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